Create some online pizazz! Learn how to create more Internet traffic for your website, service, book, product, cause, or idea!

You came to this website because we made an impression. That’s what the Ten Million Eyeballs Internet marketing program is all about.

What are eyeballs? They are impressions. And what are impressions? They are the beginning of sales. They are, first, the way to get the attention of the people who you want to reach.

Get their attention, and then you have a chance to make the sale or to convince them to take whatever other action you would like them to take.

What could you do with 10 million eyeballs?

What could you do with 5 to 10 million new visitors to your website? You could sell thousands of books. You could generate an email list of thousands and thousands of avid fans. You could build a top-rated website that allows you to generate on-going income for years to come. You could dominate the organic search results from Google, Bing, and whatever else comes along. You could change the world. It is your choice.

After loading three viral videos on YouTube and getting hundreds of thousands of views, the publisher of Chad Kultgen’s novel The Average American Male had to go back to press three times in the first month.
The Dash Poem Movie written by Linda Ellis and produced by Mac Anderson, has been viewed 40 million times. Linda has received over one million emails thanking her for writing The Dash. Their Simple Truths website sells a ton of books and movies.
The 130,000 monthly visitors at the Bulbs.com lighting site translates into $14 million in annual sales.
Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV built up such a big audience for his video blog and Twitter profile (850,000+ followers) that he was offered a 10 book, 7-figure deal from HarperCollins. What was more amazing is that he didn’t pitch them; they came to him because of his huge online audience.
Since its January 2008 debut, the Stuff White People Like blog founded by Christian Lander and Myles Valentin has racked up 22.5 million hits. Lander, the main author of the blog, was offered a $350,000 book deal by Random House.
Dane Cook became famous – and built a career as a comedian and actor – because he enlisted 1 million MySpace friends. Note: I will not be teaching you how to make friends on MySpace. I believe that to be a very time-consuming and unproductive way to get people’s attention.

With 10 million eyeballs, the world is yours!

These examples are only a few of the ways people and companies have cashed in on the visitors and traffic they’ve received via the Internet. As part of the Ten Million Eyeballs online marketing course, you will learn more than 30 ways to cash in on the traffic and impressions you will create.

Plus you will learn how to create millions and millions of impressions via four simple, inexpensive, and fast ways that anyone can carry out.