Create Millions of Impressions

Impressions are created any time someone hears or sees something online about you, your book, your product, your idea, your service, or your website. Impressions include the following:

 A mention or feature on a website, in a blog, or in an email newsletter

 An interview with you on a blog, a website, an Internet radio show, or a teleseminar

 A video about you, your book, or your website

 A review or recommendation of your book, product, or service

 A link in a directory or a link to your website

 An article about you, your product, your service, or your website

 An excerpt from your book or other product

 A visit to your website with multiple page views

 A viral video on YouTube

 An online article distributed to thousands of websites

 The sale of a book on your website, via Amazon, or via another site

In this online marketing course, you will learn how to create 5 to 10 million impressions for your product, service, book, idea, cause, or website.