What you Get

Red Hot Special Eyeballs offer:

 Ten Million Eyeballs Online Series featuring a 6-lesson (20+ hours) online Camtasia video series that you can watch at any time. These videos will reveal the four best ways to create millions of impressions online. Value: $497.00.

 How to Build Real Relationships with Key Websites. This report provides a simple, clear 6-step process to help you locate the top websites for your book and how to work with them to get great links, top search engine rankings, and more. Value: $97.00.

 How to Create an Amazon Bestseller Campaign on Steroids, with full details on how to carry out a successful sales campaign. Value: $297.00.

 How to Cash in on More Internet Traffic. Features 25 key ways to create and sell more products and services. Value: $297.00.

 20 Key Internet Marketing Resource Lists featuring the top video-sharing websites, the top knowledge-sharing websites, the top social networks, the top blogging tools, the top article syndication services online, the top online PR services, and much much more. Value: Free.

 17 Internet Marketing Articles featuring the top trends in Internet marketing, ten ways to use audio to sell more books, powerful podcasting, online marketing success stories, and much more. Value: Free.

 Ten Million Eyeballs Membership Site which features on-going updates on all the accompanying documents described here plus many others that John will continue to add and update. This membership website will also feature many resources and direct links to help you get started creating amazing relationships online. Value: $50 per month for three years! $1,800.00 total.

 Creating Amazing Friends Course, with complete information on how to build and nurture relationships that really matter. This course includes contact information for hundreds of key bloggers and decision makers. Value: $97.00.

 How to Get Testimonials, with the ten key steps you need to take to get testimonials for your books, products, services, website, etc. Value: $30.00.

 Bonus videos. I’ll continue to add many new videos focused on short special techniques to implement many of the ideas that I will describe in the basic videos. Value: $50 per video.



John’s Platinum Eyeballs offer:

If you want John’s personal attention on your online project, then sign up for this incredible offer. For only $700 total, you can get John’s personal attention on your project.

 Everything in the Red Hot Special Eyeballs offer. Value: $500 plus.

 Bonus Ebooks and Reports. Dozens of additional ebooks and reports to help you maximize your eyeballs. Value: $500 plus.

 12 Group Telephone Sessions with John Kremer where I’ll answer all your questions on how to implement the ideas featured in the videos and reports so you can get started right away. Value: $1,200.00.

 One-hour private consultation with John Kremer where you can ask John all the specific questions you need to implement the Ten Million Eyeballs ideas to your specific book, idea, and website. Value: $500.00.